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Our story

I lost my little sister Myka (18) and her best friend Kay (19) in a tragic automobile accident on May 24, 2017. These two girls were the most positive, caring, and hardworking teenagers I had ever met. Kay wanted to be an early childhood teacher, and studied at Lakeland Community College. My sister just finished her first year at Kent State majoring in moderate/intensive autism spectrum disorders. They would have made absolutely wonderful teachers. We thank you all so very much for those of you who donated on the go fund me pages to pay for their funerals. I thank all of you for being so caring during this horrific time.

I am now making it my mission to keep these girls’ legacies alive forever because they deserve nothing less. We have started The Bound Angels scholarship, so that every year, two students Graduating from Perry High will receive a $1000.00 Scholarship.  This is very important because these two students will be able to complete what my sister and Kay were not, since they were horrifically taken from us way too soon.

Not only did I lose my little sister, my parents lost their beautiful daughter, my children lost the best aunt in the world, but this community really lost something too. These two girls were not your average teenagers, they were truly good selfless and caring girls who had planned to make the world a better place, and in their 18 and 19 years they made an impact on so many people.

Attached Is my eulogy and my Dad’s poems that we had written for the girls so you have an understanding of just how above and beyond special they were.

We kindly ask for any type of donation you would like to share for this wonderful scholarship. Thank you all so much, I appreciate you taking the time to read this and considering donating money toward the scholarship.


Heather Gray