My Myka
I’ve heard people say,
I raised you the right way
But what they didn’t see,
It was you that raised me.
I’d do something strange
Which I am prone to do,
You would look into my eyes and say,
“Dad what is wrong with you?”

My Myka Passion
Special needs kids Dad,
They’re just like you and me
She opened my eyes,
And now many more see.
She attended all of their dances
Every year 3 or 4
“I need a new dress Daddy, please just one more”

My Myka My Kay
Myka and Kay, they had this thing
They’d come up with a plan
And it would make my ears ring
They’d come up to me, with their pouty lip puppy dog plea
The next thing I’d know,
We would have our toes in the sea.

My baby is gone, and so is our Kay.
We kindly thank you, for helping us pray.