Another May Surface
September 8, 2018
By Alicia Harris

I was cleaning out my car the other day when i saw somsthing bright and purple. I didn’t think much of it at first but it kept getting illuminated by the sun so i picked it up. My heart skipped a few beats before i realized what i was doing. Immidietly i grabbed my paint from my car and one of the rocks i collected just an hour before and i made a new rock for the beautiful ladies i got the chance to call friends. I miss Myka and Kay everytime i get behind the wheel, and as of late my life has been very gloomy, so to see their names on something as simple as a purple rock and to immidietly hear their laughs in my head and see their smiles when i blinked changed the outcome of the rest of my day. Every act of kindness i did in their names from lending old clothes to the goodwill to giving water to the homeless i passed later that day.

The rock i created can be found in the lively city of Cleveland, bearing a puzzle piece on one side and a sunshine smile on the other, with the words i found on the purple rock lining the rounded edges. If you see this rock, please place it somewhere as beautiful and sunny as the place you found it.