Rock found in Rock Springs, Wy
May 13, 2018
By Mary Jassman

While traveling back to South Dakota from Nevada on a 3 day trip that started in South Dakota I found this cute rock at a truck stop in Rock Springs, Wyoming. The trip was to move me and my 2 big trailers full of possessions 1000 miles to live close to my daughter after the divorce I am going through. This trip started out with one thing after another going very bad. After starting out 14 hrs. late & on a strict deadline as my brothers had to be back to work on Monday, and enduring no less than 3 more mini disasters, we accomplished our mission & headed back to South Dakota as both brothers live there & I had to return to close on my home as part of my divorce. On a stop to sleep in Salt Lake City my sister-in-law found a Facebook Rocks rock at a gas station on our way out of town & I was envious, I’ll admit…but at our next stop for gas I was lucky enough to find this little beauty! Thanks to this blessed rock we endured rain, wind, terrible thick night fog, & several crazy bad drivers with 4 adults & a golden retriever in a 4 door pickup & arrived safely home! Going to hide it on my way back to Nevada! Thanks for the protection and fun!